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Product Upgrade, Training and Support Order Form

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All amounts quoted are in Australian Dollars and are GST inclusive within Australia.

Summit Event Manager Pro version 9 : SEMP

Single User Multi-User

To Download Event Manager Pro, or to download the manual, Click Here

Upgrade from SEMP : Single User to Multi-user   $1650
Upgrade from earlier versions of Summit Pro or Summit Light $660 $2310
Upgrade to Summit Central version 4 : SCL  

To download Summit Central, Click Here

Upgrade from SCL Single User to Multi-user (Core Software Only)   $550
Upgrade to SCL Core software from Contact Manager version 4 $275 $605
Additional Components:

Membership Manager

$660 $1650

Products & Services

$385 $880

Short Courses

$385 $880

Internet Assistant

$385 $880

Donations Manager

$385 $880
Win2PDF Printer Driver (Enables e-mailing of correspondence as PDF) $44
Summit SafeGuard Download
Data Protection Software: To download Summit SafeGuard 3, Click Here $495
Flying Start Training Programme: You come to us, or we come to you
For optimal training, we set up your next event with you, so at the end of training your database is set up and ready to go.
Training at Our Place (Maximum 3 People)

Training per hour

Half Day training includes two weeks free support.

Six Hours includes three weeks support.

Full Day includes one month of free support.

Qty: $
Half Day $750
Six Hours $1000
Full Day $1250
Training at Your Place (No Maximum Numbers)

Training per hour

Half Day training includes two weeks free support.

Six Hours includes three weeks free support.

Full Day includes one month of free support.

For on-site training, travelling time and travel costs will apply.
Qty: $
Half Day


Six Hours $1200
Full Day $1500
Remote Training

Skype Share Screen /CoPilot over the telephone @ $80 per half hour:
You must have a Skype account for remote training

Qty: $
Premium Support 6 Months 12 Months

Unlimited telephone, fax and email support.
Includes all items listed in Covered Support as detailed in the following;
MIE Support Policy

I have read and understood those issues that are included in my support contract and those issues that are not covered.

$660 $990
Single Support Incident (End User)

If you do not have a current Premium Support contract but require assistance for an issue or question related to using Summit products select this option.

Single Support Incident (Developer)

If you require assistance in modifying your Summit Software or in testing a user-created online registration page (non-WebLink) select this option.

(All prices include GST in Australia)     Total Amount Payable $
Use the Currency Converter below to confirm the cost of this order in your local currency
NOTES: Multi-User Licenses - Licence for up to 10 computers on the same Local Area Network (LAN)
  Flying Start Training -

Travelling time and travel costs will apply outside Melbourne Metropolitan Area (Australia).

  Support - There is no period of free support with upgrades.
  Multi-Site Discount - Please contact us for further details if you intend to purchase software for 5 sites or more

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